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Interested in Training of Server Remote Checker Tool Making 2 hours course 

Thanks for showing your interest. Next batch scheduled for this training is on October 18 . Will send you an email with the details soon with the class joining formalities.

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How to register for the course


Fill up the form above and register. Next batch scheduled on August 1 ,2021

Topics covered in the Training (LIVE 2 hours class)


  1. Create forms using powershell.

  2. Create textboxes , dropdownboxes, buttons, datagridviews using powershell.

  3. Configure a Mail sending application.

  4. Explain the below functionalities used in the Server Checker Tool like

    1. SQL Server Running Status

    2. D drive Free space

    3. C drive Free space

    4. Check ping status of servers

    5. Check jobs in this server

    6. Last Reboot Time of the server(s)

    7. SysAdmins of SQL server in server(s)

    8. Portnumber of instances in this server

    9. Local Admins of server(s)

  5. Convert the poswershell script into an exe file.

  6. How the Server Status Checker application is made using the above features of powershell.


Pre requisites of the Training

Basic knowledge of powershell. Will share my UDEMY videos for free for understanding powershell basics to the students who enroll to this course.


Course fee
3500INR \ 50USD


Course features

  • Free enrollment to my below Udemy course .

  • Crash course in 2 hours to understand how you can make a Tool just using powershell which can help you to get multiple details from different servers with a single click. 

Whatsapp (for any queries)



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