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Powershell Tutorials

Buy the Udemy course to learn powershell from scratch. Topics that are going to be covered in this video series are as follows . 



Intro : Automation Using Powershell

Powershell Vs Commandline

Lab Set Up

Easy Set up a Lab for your automation

Install VMWare Player

Create Virtual Machine VM1 using VMWare Player

Install VMWareTools

Create VM2 and Central Server

Domain and Domain controller Set Up

Joining servers to a domain

Starting with Commandlets

Get-ChildItem Commandlet

Get-Service Commandlet

Get-content Commandlet

Get-Process Commandlet


Conditional Operators

Comparison Operators

for loop

while - do while 

Variables and Datatypes

Error Handling (try catch)

File Handling in Powershell

File Handling using text files

File Handling uisng Csv files

File Handling using XML Files

Output Handling

Saving output to text file (Out-File Cmdlet)

Displaying output to gridview

Displaying output to HTML

Saving output as CSV file

Starting up with the scripts

Execution Policy and Run your first script

Windows drive space analysis using powershell

Sending Mails using powershell : Send-MailMessage

How to Automate

Automate your script through Windows Task Scheduler

Automate your script thorugh the Jenkins (a widely usedfree Devops Tool)

Automate your scripts through SQL Server Agent

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