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Basic simulation of the tool goes below. 

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Prerequisites for this Tool 

  •  All the servers that needs to be checked using this tool should be having connectivity between each other.

  • The account with which the tool executes should have the access and required privileges to other servers with respect to the functionality that is being used. 

  • For using the SQL server checks, the Tool should be executed in a Tool with SQL Tools \ SSMS installed. Working on overcoming this option in the future release. 

Functionalities of this Tool

  • SQL Server Running status check in multiple servers

  • D and C drive Free space checking.

  • Portnumber of SQL Server instances in the servers.

  • Check SQL Server jobs in the list of servers.

  • Check if the server is pingable

  • Last Reboot Time of the server(s)

  • Local Admins of server(s)

  • SysAdmins of SQL server in server(s)

How to input server\server list to the servers

  • Give the server names separated with commas.

  • Give server as a list that can be fetched from a notepad.

Configure email settings if you need to get the alerts in email.

  • Set the email settings using the configure button.

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