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Powershell Automation from Basics LIVE Taining
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Thanks for showing your interest. Will send the details in the email.

What we are going to cover in the course​


Main topics covered in this course:-

- Lab Set up for the entire Course (2 hours)
- Powershell concepts required for automation (2 hours)
- File Handling in Powershell(1 hour)
- Error Handling Mechanism(1 hour)
- Automate your scripts including Jenkins  and Windows Task Scheduler(2 hours)
- Create a GUI to manage your PowerShell scripts (2 hours)

- Doubt Clearing Session. 

Prerequisites of the Training

Basic knowledge of PowerShell. Will share my UDEMY videos for free for understanding Powershell basics to the students who enroll in this course.


Course fee
380 USD (one to one Training)

Course Timing

12 hours Course (preferably 7 AM to 9 AM IST) or based on convenience of both candidate and 



GotoMeeting (Meeting details will be shared one day before the Class)


Course features

  • Free enrollment to my below Udemy course .

CourseContent PSAutomation
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